Front Garden Tall Planters


Chelsea pointed me to a blog post by Bower Power- something that she wanted to make herself. Of course, she wanted me to show her how to use the tools necessary! The project is relatively simple, so naturally, I said “yes”! Materials (per planter) (8) 5/8″x6″x6′ P.T. dog-eared picket boards (1) 2″x2″x8′ P.T. lumber 15″ […]

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June 2nd, 2016

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Mother’s Day 2016 Raised Bed Planter

Raised Bed Planter Planning Chelsea expressed a desire for a lower, yet wider, planter bed for a new vegetable garden for this year. She was happy with the beds I built her last year, but confessed they were too small for the amount of vegetables she wanted to plant. After much discussion, we decided that […]

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May 21st, 2016

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